The Bee and The Butterfly

The Bee and The Butterfly | Be YOUniquely You

The Bee and The Butterfly

When God created the earth He spoke and said let there “BE” and it was.  Whatever God spoke, it was done. Whatever He commanded remained. Be YOUniquely You is being able to do the impossible. To be who you were created to be while embracing what is special and unique about you. Each of us is designed as an original masterpiece. We were created for a purpose in the kingdom of God.  Your family dynamics, past mistakes or even your present circumstances do not define who you are or what you can accomplish in life. Look at the bee and butterfly.

The Bee: 

This simple but purposeful creature was created to do the impossible every day. The bee goes about his business of pollination flying here and there simply oblivious that by some standards, his wings are too small to support his body weight. In fact the bee so uniquely powerful that it has to flap is wings 230 beats per second to sustain flight. The bee was intricately designed from the beginning to fly even if by others standards, it should be difficult to accomplish. The bee has a unique design and purpose. Imagine a world if the bee stopped to take in the opinions of those that said it could not fly and he believed them and stopped flying. The effect on nature would be catastrophic. The same is true when we allow others to determine who and what we should be and do based on their opinions.

The Butterfly: 

The butterfly is born from an egg on a leaf. It then grows into a larva known as a caterpillar.  Over time, the caterpillar grows and sheds its skin and eventually cocoons itself. During this time a magnificent transformation is occurring. The caterpillar emerges as a beautiful butterfly. The transformation process was not without struggle, pain or purpose. The egg was always designed to be a butterfly. The purpose was to take flight and soar. What is God trying to transform in your life?

Your transformation comes from God and He can empower you to BE and Do the impossible through Him. Just like the butterfly, we undergo a transformation. We are born into the world but as we learn, grow and struggle, we develop an understanding of who God is and who we are in him. Then we are transformed. Our thoughts are renewed. Our lives are changed and we are able to soar to amazing heights accomplishing more than we ever thought possible.

Be YOUniquely You is about empowering people to embrace what is special, unique to you. Learning to love what see in the mirror and being proud to represent ones true self instead of embracing a counterfeit someone else. We all have gifts, talents and skills that are our gifts to the world. How will you choose to allow God share them.

Don’t be afraid to simply BE YOU!!!

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