Shattering Limiting Beliefs | Releasing The Brakes

Shattering Limiting Beliefs | Releasing The Brakes Shattering Limiting Beliefs | Releasing The Brakes . Have you ever been driving your car and realized that you’d left the emergency brake on? Of course. We all have. But when we discover the brake is on — do we press harder on the gas pedal? Of course not!We Read More

Know Your Significance

Know Your Significance Significance | sig·nif·i·cance /sigˈnifikəns/ – Noun ~The quality of being worthy of attention; importance. ~The meaning to be found in words or events. When you don’t know your value or your significance you will pawn yourself off to anyone or anything. Searching for something that God has already given to you. The enemy’s job is Read More

Be Yourself. Know Yourself. Grow Yourself

BE YOURSELF. KNOW YOURSELF. GROW YOURSELF Be Yourself, Know Yourself. Grow Yourself. What does that really mean for us today? Fasten your seat belts!  I’m about to type six words that can keep you from experiencing tremendous growth in your life. These six words that will prevent you from evolving and progressing.. These words keeps Read More

The Transformation Is Necessary

The Transformation Is Necessary The transformation of a caterpillar to butterfly is a necessary process. We must be stripped of our old nature so that the new creation can live. Once this process is complete you will emerge, fly and soar to heights you could never imagine. Why Is The Transformation Necessary? Once upon a time a little girl was playing outdoors in her mother’s garden and Read More

The Bee and The Butterfly

The Bee and The Butterfly When God created the earth He spoke and said let there “BE” and it was.  Whatever God spoke, it was done. Whatever He commanded remained. Be YOUniquely You is being able to do the impossible. To be who you were created to be while embracing what is special and unique Read More

The Predestined You

The Predestined You The predestined you is the person whom God created you to be. In order to live in your destiny; this ‘you’ within, must emerge from obscurity and break into God’s marvelous light. For this `you’ to emerge, you must travel the journey which God specifically designed for you. This journey transforms you Read More