About Us

About Us

Welcome To BE YOUniquely You Global!

BE YOUniquely You (BYY Global), is an independently owned Faith Based Organization headquartered in Savannah, Georgia. The company is a triune partnership between Yahweh, Karen Y. Moore and Traci Wade, founder of Inner Beauty Global

Our goal is to empower women, instill and reinforce a sense of self worth, purpose, identity, sustainability and well being into the lives of others through our conferences, workshops, special events and inspirational apparel.When God created the earth He spoke and said let there “BE” and it was.  Whatever God spoke, it was done. Whatever He commanded remained. BE YOUniquely You is being able to do the impossible. To be who you were created to be while embracing what is special and unique about you. Each of us is designed as an original masterpiece. We were created for a purpose in the kingdom of God.  Your family dynamics, past mistakes or even your present circumstances do not define who you are or what you can accomplish in life.

Your transformation comes from God and He can empower you to BE and Do the impossible through Him. Just like the butterfly, we undergo a transformation. We are born into the world but as we learn, grow and struggle, we develop an understanding of who God is and who we are in him. Then we are transformed. Our thoughts are renewed. Our lives are changed and we are able to soar to amazing heights accomplishing more than we ever thought or dreamed possible.


The Company is a game changing brand and global movement that is taking a bold leadership stance for our humanity.  Using creativity and innovation it is our goal  to motivate, inspire, create a sense of purpose, belonging and community. Our work at BE YOUniquely You  is about reminding women like you that we are created to lead purposeful, fulfilled, liberated lives. Lives  rich in resources, and free of crippling debilitating fears. That is the BYY Global Mission.

Our Signature Line

BE YOUniquely You offers a unique collection of inspirational apparel, jewelry and gifts with a purpose. We want women of all ages, ethnic groups, genders, and beliefs to be united with bold, intentional, and  constructive messages on their apparel. At BYY Global we work extremely hard to come up with the best concepts on our designs; we want them to be dynamic, bold and aesthetically pleasing to everyone.

Our BEYOUniquely You Signature  Line of Apparel and Jewelry is custom designed, made, and  printed in the USA.. Our shirts use a mixture of Cotton & Polyester, for the most comfortable and durable fabric.

BE YOUniquely You exists to serve as a reminder to just “Be”.

Be who God created you to be with purpose and on purpose.

If you can catch a glimpse of who and whose you are like a butterfly you will be able to soar to unreachable heights.

Be Inspired…Be Empowered…Be Bold…Be Fearless..Be Significant…..

                                      We invite you to join the movement and just “Be”