Know Your Significance

Know Your Significance

Know Your Significance

Significance | sig·nif·i·cance

/sigˈnifikəns/ – Noun

~The quality of being worthy of attention; importance.

~The meaning to be found in words or events.

When you don’t know your value or your significance you will pawn yourself off to anyone or anything. Searching for something that God has already given to you.

The enemy’s job is to undermine the strength of your position through subtle and meaningless distractions.

John 10:10 states that The thief does not come except to steal, and to kill, and to destroy.

The enemy will plot and scheme and will use every trick known to man and them some to get you off course. His assignment ….to make you forget your worth, your value and more importantly your significance and purpose for being on this earth.

You are valuable and have a purpose and destiny to fulfill. I have been where you are and I know what it is like to feel defeated and as if I had no significance.

How did I allow myself to get to such a point? Oftentimes it was succumbing to the labels that others placed upon me and giving life to all of the negative words and opinions. I fell into a trap and listened as the enemy whispered these lies into my ear.

My Significance

Today, I am in a different place! I know my significance! I frame my world with the positive words that I speak. I speak life and not death. I only speak the word of God and I only speak what heaven says about me! What I believe truly impacts how I live!

Your Significance

When you realize your value and significance you walk in a different light. Some will dare to call it arrogance, but is is confidence! Confidence in knowing who and whose you are. I wholeheartedly believe that having the grace and favor of God and confidence will open doors that no man can shut and take you places that you could never take yourself.

Stay vigilant and focused! Every spiritual barrier and limitation to success HAS to be broken. Declare this day that the spirit of failure, rejection and insignificance no longer has power over you.

Set a watch and maintain good boundaries with people. Do not give into anything that has the potential to destroy your faith, hope, confidence or significance. Stand strong in knowing that God will direct your steps and provide everything that you need to accomplish what He has given you to do.

From this day forth pursue your passion, purpose and destiny in a spirit of divine excellence and walking in the WHOLENESS and the “I AMness of God”.

Take a few minutes each day to “SPEAK LIFE DAILY”

Life begins by nurturing your soul with inspiration and learning to love yourself so that you can truly love others with significance.

Remember To Be…….

Be Inspired…Be Empowered…..Be Significant…..

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