Meet Karen Y. Moore


Meet Karen Y. Moore

 Gladiator, General, Invincible Life Warrior & Dream Releaser,  Speaker, Author, Transformational Success Coach, & Entrepreneur

Event & Meeting Planning Professional by trade, a leader by design, and a KingdomBosspreneur™ at heart. Karen Y. Moore, is Co-Founder and Chief Empowerment Officer at Be YOUniquely You Global.

Be YOUniquely You, is a coaching, motivational, transformational lifestyle and inspirational apparel company that is committed to the signature principal of bringing others successfully to success (B.O.S.S).

It is our goal to inspire, motivate, and transform lives so women can live a truly rewarding and abundant life. Our mission is to inspire and empower women of all financial and social statures to “Just Be”.

We want  our customers and clients to  achieve inner excellence using our sizzling formula of  Faith , Burning Desire. Unshakeable Commitment. Focused Action,  Perseverance, and a  Non-Negotiable Winners Attitude.”

Wealth is your birthright, and by wealth, I mean the consistent evidence of financial, spiritual, and emotional abundance available to us when we get into proper alignment with our divine assignments. My work at Be YOUniquely You is about reminding women like you that we are created to lead purposeful, fulfilled, liberated lives, rich in resources, and free of crippling debilitating fears. But we don’t always operate from that knowing. Instead, we get distracted by doubt, frightened by fear, and knocked down by dream killers and destiny destroyers who steal our joy and remind us of our weaknesses.

Our true purpose becomes held captive by our past failures or less-than-ideal circumstances, leaving us locked up in fear and locked out of our own personal and professional development. I have one goal and that is to help others live Extraordinary lives on purpose and with purpose.

How I got “Here”?

After suddenly losing my spouse and best friend in 2009, I found myself stuck and didn’t have a clue about how to move forward. I found myself staring in the mirror and longing to live my life without the pain and disappointments of my past. Negative words, loss, guilt and shame came full circle. I felt hopeless, helpless and trapped! The heaviness of my heart stifled me with fear and kept me from progressing and moving forward. My confidence and self esteem was at an all time low.

I lived the most normal life that I could fulfilling every expectations placed upon me as a dutiful daughter, parent, sister, aunt, and friend who never complained. To look at me, one would never know the things that were going on inside of my head. I concealed it with grace and the expertise of a seasoned actress. I continued to press onward in spite of my pain. I realized that I was no longer living but simply existing from day to day. For every planned occasion, I had a mask, and for every scheduled event, I put on a stellar academy award-winning performance. My life was the stage of an unrehearsed stage play! But something deep inside of me longed to be set free!

God allowed me to go through a powerful process that ultimately walked me into my purpose and divine destiny. Out of my personal tragedy, transformation and triumph the vision to inspire, encourage, motivate and empower others was born. After months of hard work and self discovery I came to the powerful realization of both Who and Whose I Am.

I’ve successfully failed and succeeded so that I can teach you how to be triumphant and live life on purpose.

What I “Want”?

To live in a world with game changers; where women, marketplace leaders, and entrepreneurs live well and prosper and are not afraid to live life out loud. To be in the company of leaders, warriors and gladiators who are giving birth to phenomenal dreams and producing extraordinary results.

Why Are You “Here”?

Maybe you don’t even know exactly why you’re here. But you do know that there is something deep inside of you yearning, craving and wanting more. As you spend time here you will understand the full scope of what the “Just Be” movement means…and how it is one heck of an amazing journey.

The “new you” on the other side of this journey might be very different – changed in many marvelous and positives ways… the new you who can overcome any and all adversities.  The one who sees the clear path from where they are now to exactly where they want to be… the one who has the conviction and laser-guided focus to drive forward every step until they achieve their dreams– whether in business, personal finances, career, health or relationships.

I have learned that when your spark is ignited you become free from the bondage of mediocrity and able to become the masterpiece that God originally intended you to “BE”.  I made a conscious decision to toss fear, mediocrity and complacency to the curb and learned how to create a liberated life and business. I am now results oriented, success driven and can teach you how to create your own road map and path to purpose and success.

My work swiftly cuts through the bottleneck of fears so you purge the clutter of old personal and professional paradigms unveiling the person that you were created to be. I don’t teach to you think outside of the box I teach you to eradicate and ANNIHILATE the box. I don’t just dream big. I dream bigger! And so can you…I personally invite you to join me on this incredible journey of discovery.