The Predestined You


The Predestined You

The predestined you is the person whom God created you to be. In order to live in your destiny; this ‘you’ within, must emerge from obscurity and break into God’s marvelous light.

For this `you’ to emerge, you must travel the journey which God specifically designed for you. This journey transforms you and prepares you to reveal and release what God placed within you; it prepares you to live in your predestined role.

Most of us have heard the story of the ugly duckling. The beauty of the swan could not shine forth because that beauty was obscured by the vision the swan had of itself as well as by the opinion of those around it. These persons had deemed it a duckling and had ascribed to it characteristics of a duck, which did not reflect who the swan was predestined to be.

The Swan

The swan was created to be a swan, which was its destiny; it was never created to be a duck. It was only after the swan understood this that it could emerge into the light. The swan was then able to step into its predestined role and allow its beauty to shine forth.

Likewise, our gifts cannot shine if we are not living within our predestined roles. God placed a gift within each of us, but those persons who are intimidated by our gifts, ascribe characteristics to us which we allow to alter our self image.

When our self-vision is negatively altered, our gifts become trapped within us, and the person we were predestined to be remains obscured. This gift will be revealed when we walk in the will of God. For some of us, this means accepting Jesus as our personal savior and for others it means totally trusting God to direct our lives. Then we will emerge from our obscured state and walk in God’s marvelous light; in our predestined role.


Excerpt Taken From: From Obscurity into God’s Marvelous Light: Finding the “You” that You Were Predestined to Be by J. C. Johnson

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