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Be YOUniquely You Global To Launch Its New E-Commerce Website April 21, 2017.

 Be YOUniquely You Global is proud to launch its new ecommerce website. Be YOUniquely You is a Transformational Development and Empowerment Company that is launching a new line of signature apparel, gifts and jewelry with a purpose.

            Savannah, Georgia, April 20, 2017  — Be YOUniquely You Global, a Transformational Development and Empowerment Company headquartered in Savannah, Georgia, has announced today that the company will be launching a new ecommerce website called, Be YOUniquely You. The new website features inspirational apparel, gifts and jewelry with a purpose.

“The main objective and goal for Be YOUniquely You is to instill a sense of identity and purpose in women.  The company endeavors to build an outstanding shopping experience that interested and potential customers will both love, value and appreciate. “The mission of the company is not just to sell apparel but create a global movement among women where a sense of purpose and identity is established.” said Mrs. Karen Moore, one of the Company’s Founders.

\The Company is confident that Be YOUniquely You will be a household name and a significant major competitor in the global marketplace. They are looking forward to establishing their mark as a “little giant” and a organization to watch as the Company continues to grow and expand.

We predict that Be YOUniquely You Global and the Be YOUniquely You Signature Brand will be an equal contender with other comparable inspirational and Christian apparel companies,” said Mrs. Karen Moore. “Hoping to create a company where growth, expansion and a sense of purpose and identity is welcomed among women, within our communities and across the globe.”

About BE YOUniquely You

Be YOUniquely You Global is a triune partnership between Yahweh, Karen Y. Moore and Traci Wade, founder of Inner Beauty Global.

The Company is a game changing brand and global movement that is taking a bold leadership stance for our humanity.  Using creativity and innovation it is our goal  to motivate, inspire, create a sense of purpose, belonging and Press Releases | Be YOUniquely Youcommunity.

Our work at Be YOUniquely You  is about reminding women like you that we are created to lead purposeful, fulfilled, liberated lives. Lives  rich in resources, and free of crippling debilitating fears. That is the BYY Global Mission.

We want women of all ages, ethnic groups, genders, and beliefs to be united with bold, intentional, and  constructive messages on their apparel. We work extremely hard to come up with the best concepts on our designs; we want them to be dynamic, bold and aesthetically pleasing to everyone.

When God created the earth He spoke and said let there “BE” and it was.  Whatever God spoke, it was done. Whatever He commanded remained. Be YOUniquely You is being able to do the impossible. To be who you were created to be while embracing what is special and unique about you.

Each of us is designed as an original masterpiece. We were created for a purpose in the kingdom of God.  Your family dynamics, past mistakes or even your present circumstances do not define who you are or what you can accomplish in life. Look at the bee and butterfly.

Be YOUniquely You is about empowering women to embrace what is special and unique to you. Learning to love what we see in the mirror and being proud to represent ones true self instead of embracing a counterfeit someone else. We all have gifts, talents and skills that are our gifts to the world. How will you choose to allow God share them.

Don’t be afraid to simply BE YOU!!!

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 To shop Be YOUniquely You visit For more information about Be YOUniquely You Global, our products and services visit call (912) 421-1583.  Email inquiries may be sent to

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